What is ALS

Amytrofische Laterale Sclerose (ALS)

ALS is one of the most serious and debilitating nervous system disorders. The disease results in the death of nerve cells in the spinal cord and brain. The exact cause of ALS disease is not yet known. Nor are there any drugs that can stop or cure the disease. Patients have an average life expectancy of 3 to 5 years after the first symptoms.

Research into cause and a cure 
Worldwide, 350,000 people have been diagnosed with ALS. [Einde van tekstterugloop]The Netherlands has about 1500 ALS patients. Every year 500 people die, but another 500 patients are added. 

Currently there are no medicines to treat or cure this terrible disease. No one currently survives the diagnosis. The need for more intensive scientific research into the cause of ALS must be given top priority. With Tour du ALS we raise money for ALS research. 






Closely related to ALS are the muscle diseases PSMA and PLS. Like ALS, PSMA and PLS are motor neuron diseases, or nerve muscle diseases. In ALS, many of the motor neurons in the central and peripheral nervous system slowly fail. PLS is limited to the brain, the central nervous system. This leads to stiffness and spasticity of the muscles in the mouth, legs and arms. PLS does not have to shorten lifespan, but it often leads to disability.

PSMA leads to insufficient or non-functioning of the muscles. It's a progressive condition. That means a person with this disease continues to deteriorate over time. The rate of deterioration varies from patient to patient. Research is needed to treat PSMA and PLS patients. Proceeds from Tour du ALS also benefit research into PSMA and PLS.



Want to know more about ALS?

On the website of the ALS Netherlands Foundation you will find more information about the deadly muscle disease ALS. There we present some facts and figures about ALS. We also provide information about symptoms and diagnosis of ALS and provide insight into some research projects. You can also read more about the work of the ALS Netherlands Foundation and how you can contribute to the fight against ALS. 

Visit the website of the ALS Netherlands Foundation


ALS Centrum 

The ALS Center is the Dutch expertise center for ALS. The ALS Center is involved in the diagnosis and treatment of ALS patients. In addition, the ALS Center also conducts scientific research into finding a drug and improving care. The ALS Netherlands Foundation works closely with the ALS Center. 

Visit the website of the ALS Center