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At Tour du ALS, patients are the real VIPs (Very Important Patient). We think it is very important that patients can experience this unique event. As a patient you can attend or participate in the Tour du ALS. In recent editions, approximately 60 patients have participated in Tour du ALS. Each and every one of them was able to experience this as a very unique experience that they never wanted to miss.

Not only the performance in itself (it is of course a huge challenge to climb that Mont Ventoux) but also the good feeling it gives to experience this with your family and / or friends. A sense of belonging: together we’ll kick ALS out of the world.








The patients stands pivotal 

We would like to make it possible for you as a patient to participate in Tour du ALS.
Then we would like to make this possible for you: as a patient you do not have to pay a registration fee.

We can also help to arrange a suitable bicycle. Every year, a number of patients cycle along, mostly on a route established by the ALSopdeweg! 'Haze Pino' made available, with or without pedal assistance.

 YES! I want to participate

Care during the Tour du ALS

Carers, physiotherapists and occupational therapists are present at Tour du ALS (all specialized in ALS). During the event we try to support patients as in every way possible. For example, it is possible to arrange care such as ADL (washing, dressing, etc.). Or if you need specific aid that cannot be taken to France, we will do our best to arrange this for you..

Ambulance Wish Foundation (Stichting Ambulance Wens)

Are you unable to cycle yourself, but is there someone from a team that participates in Tour du ALS for you and would you like to go to France to encourage them?Then there is the Ambulance Wish Foundation. They can arrange travel, accommodation and care for a few patients.

If you come to Mont Ventoux on your own, we would of course also be happy to welcome you at our base camp with a snack and a drink.




Would you like to participate in Tour du ALS? Or do you have a number of questions prior to it? Please feel free to contact us via We are of course also available to pass on specific (care) wishes.