Will you kick out ALS of this world with us?

Join the fight against ALS

During the 12th edition of Tour du ALS you will achieve an exceptional Athletic accomplishment amongst hundreds of other participants. All with the joined goal of raising as many funds as possible for the research into ALS,PSMA and PLS.
Cause there is only one option to cure ALS; scientific research to find the cause and treatment. There is no time to lose. So subscribe and fight this battle together by joining the Tour du ALS 2024.

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At Tour du ALS, you conquer the Mont Ventoux in France. You can join as a hiker, runner, or cyclist. Cycling comes in several options: on a road bike, with a handbike, on a special Hase Pino (tandem bike), or on an electric bike.

The cyclists have three options:
•Kale Berg Route: where you climb Mont Ventoux once from the Malaucène side.
•Master of the Kale Berg Route: where you climb Mont Ventoux twice, once from Bedoin (starting from Malaucène) and once from the Malaucène side.
•Madman of the Kale Berg Route: where you climb Mont Ventoux three times, from Bedoin, Malaucène, and Sault.

Take a look at the course

The runners and hikers will conquer the mountain once. (Trale Kale Berg)
After reaching the mountaintop, you'll be taken back down by shuttle buses,where you will then walk the last 2 kilometers on foot to the finish line at Village du Départ in Malaucène.


Join or support as a patient

Every year a lot of patients join the Tour du ALS,wether that is by participating or just being there to show support for all participants.. For those who want to come to the Tour du ALS, we have a special page with additional information.


Village du Départ

Every year, Malaucéne turns the village orange with the arrival of Village du Départ.
Village du Départ is both the starting point and the finish line of Tour du ALS.
In the days leading up to Tour du ALS, there's a lot to experience. Each sport discipline has its own starting time, and there's always a mass start. After the climb, all participants finish in Village du Départ, where the grand finale party will kick off, and we'll make a big announcement of the proceeds!

More details about the program will follow.


The registration fee contains €135 per person. This covers the cost of the Tour du ALS outfit that every participant will receive. It also helps cover the expenses for facilities during Tour du ALS, such as road closures, first aid stations, restroom facilities, and participant support on the mountain.


1.500 patients, 1.500 euro’s

Are you joining the Tour du ALS? Then you are joining the battle of the deadly disease ALS.

The goal of each participant is to at least raise €1500,- Euro’s. Every single Euro goes straight to the fight against ALS. The amount symbolizes the amount of patients in the Netherlands, 1500. After we receive your application we will provide you with a personal sponsorpage, advise on how to raise funds, and marketing materials that will help you promote your participation. This will help you raise at least €1500,- without a doubt!

Note:  The amount lowers to €1000,- when you participate for the second time and to €500,- with the third time participating. But of course, we won’t stop you from raising more money!

If you sign up for Tour du ALS, you're in for: 

● an unforgettable experience
● receivement of your own unique Tour du ALS outfit
● Your own personalized fundraising page with plenty of fundraising assistance.
● An invitation to the participants' meeting where all information will be shared.
● A start package in France
● Access to Village du Départ (Tour du ALS village)
● Professional care before, during, and after the climb
● A spectacular closing party
● The opportunity to participate in climbing clinics (we'll share the dates later this year)

Note: Traveling and accommodations are excluded.

I'm signing up!


Travel & Accommodation

Tour du ALS takes place in the South of France.
The start and finishing point is in the little village of Malaucène, at the foot of Mont Ventoux. Transport and Accommodation are excluded and needs to be arranged yourself.
It's an 12-hour drive from Utrecht. You can also reach the destination by train (to Avignon or Carpentras station, and then rent a car or take a taxi to Malaucène) or by plane (to Marseille or Montpellier).

Looking for recommendations of accommodations near Mont Ventoux?
Check out the Kale Berg website for a list of nice hotels, apartments, and campsites.
Most participants arrive on Monday or Tuesday and leave the weekend after the climb.
But of course it can also be a good idea to combine your participation with a nice holiday!


Village du Départ
Complexe Sportif et de Loisirs des Palivettes
Avenue Charles de Gaulle, 84340 Malaucène
(naast de voetbalvereniging, aan de Route de Vaison D938)

Bekijk Village du Depart in Google Maps



In case there is any information missing or you have unanswered questions? Go to our FAQ page about Tour du ALS. Still left with questions? Send an e-mail to info@tourduals.nl